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Sharing a bit of news regarding mortgages and the importance of getting pre-approved before searching for a home...when you find one you love - you MUST be ready to move on it as the market is moving fast!

Leisurely looking for a mortgage is a luxury South Florida homebuyers can't afford anymore.

 Sellers have seized control of the rejuvenated market. Strong competition for a limited supply of homes is forcing buyers to quickly arrange financing or face the prospect of losing the deal.

 "If you can't deliver a loan commitment in under two weeks, you've got a problem," said Stephen B. McWilliam, president of Florida State Realty Group in Fort Lauderdale.

 Most real estate agents insist that house hunters meet with lenders before touring a single

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Being a valued member of the community always ranks high on my list of priorities and I must say that I am once again humbled by being chosen to sit on The Board of Directors for the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.

As a local resident REALTOR, I have vast knowledge of the communities here in Palm Beach County and am proud to serve and give back to the community that I have lived in and loved all my life.

Service = Success!

Happy Friday.

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Boat MarinaHurricane season in Florida runs from June to November with August to October being the most likely months that a hurricane may hit. Knowing what to do with your boat in the event of a hurricane, is a responsibility that can save not only your boat, but lives as well.

Boat Preparations Prior to Hurricane Warnings

  1. Ensure your boat is in good working order and that all equipment is secured.
  2. Seal windows and doors with duct tape, shut sea cocks, and cap off or plug all water fittings.
  3. Make a record of the inventory on your boat. Move items that do not need to be on your boat.
  4. Check with city police and county sheriff departments, state marine patrols, and the Coast guard to see if there are local plans for boats in your area.
  5. Have a plan and be
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After weeks of  feeling as though we lived in Seattle we finally have some sunshine here in "Sunny South Florida".......I have to say it is pretty nice to need the sunglasses again.  I guess we shouldn't complain about a little rain since we are in hurricane season.  Are you prepared?  Here's a link to some useful preparedness information provided by FEMA:  http://www.ready.gov/basic-disaster-supplies-kit

Of course it goes without saying that we all hope we don't have to use this...but mother nature IS a force of her own.  Have a great Thursday!
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Rising rates won’t put housing out of reach WASHINGTON – June 11, 2013 – Rising mortgage rates are not yet jeopardizing housing affordability, according to a new report by Goldman Sachs that found affordability still far above past average levels.

“For a mortgage interest rate of 3.81 percent, the average homebuyer can afford to buy a house worth $279,000 – 45 percent above the current median sales price of existing homes,” according to the Goldman Sachs report. “Even if mortgage rates continue to increase from here, the median home will still be affordable to the median borrower, based on the conventional 25 percent debt-to-income threshold.”

Goldman Sachs researchers say that from 2014 to 2016, they expect housing prices will increase about 4 to 5

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