October 2013

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 ORLANDO, Fla. – Jan. 16, 2013 – To sell a home or get top dollar, sellers must look at their property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Consider the following five tips:

1. Get rid of clutter and Aunt Mary’s photo.

“Selling your house is about taking your personality out of it and having people going through it envisioning their own life and personality,” says Candice Olson, host of “Candice Tells All” on Canadian television station “W Network.”

It’s hard for buyers to imagine themselves in a home decorated wall-to-wall with photographs of people they do not know, and knick-knacks that hold no special meaning. In preparing a home for sale, all the things that personalize a home to the family within should be stored for the next home – including all the…
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 SEATTLE – Oct. 4, 2013 – A study and analysis of 13 million loan quotes and more than 225,000 purchase loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace released last week found that 30 percent of Americans are unlikely to be approved for a mortgage loan. The analysis covered applications in September 2013 compared it to a similar study conducted in September 2010.

In September, borrowers with credit scores under 620 who requested quotes for 30-year fixed, conventional loans were unlikely to receive even one response – a number that’s unchanged from three years ago. The credit score challenge even affected applicants with a relatively high downpayment of 15 to 25 percent.

Nationwide, nearly 3 out of 10 Americans (8.4 percent) have a credit score of 620 or…
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