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Buyers may find mortgages easier to get


NEW YORK – Feb. 25, 2015 – Good news for potential home shoppers: A Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) index shows lender requirements for credit scores, downpayments, and other key mortgage terms are finally loosening up.

Some lenders even expanded the types of mortgages they offer. These moves come after years of tightening loan requirements in the aftermath of the housing crisis.

The newly released MBA index shows that recent improvements in lending are mostly tied to the government's efforts to ease regulations and improve affordability in the housing market. For example, mortgage financing giant Fannie Mae is now allowing purchases of conventional mortgages that have downpayments as low as 3

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Jan. 13, 2015 – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report on mortgage borrowers, and it found that almost half of consumers don't shop around for a mortgage when purchasing a home.

In tandem with the report, the CFPB released "Owning a Home," an interactive, online toolkit designed to help consumers shop for a mortgage. It says the suite of tools gives consumers the information they need to get the best deal.

"Consumers put great thought into the choice of a home, but the mortgage process continues to be intimidating," says CFPB Director Richard Cordray. "The Know

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More than half (55%) of the industry experts polled by this week predict further rate declines over the short term, while 36% think they’ll go higher. The remaining 9% predict no change.

It's a great time to buy!!!

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From all of us here at ,we would like to wish each and every one of you a very healthy and properous 2015.  We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to assist you and look forward to another great year.


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WASHINGTON, DC – Dec. 9, 2014 – While the real estate market continues to improve slowly, Fannie Mae's November 2014 National Housing Survey finds some subtle shifts in consumers' attitudes.

Overall, buyers seems to be more optimistic about whether or not it's time to jump into the market; however, fewer homeowners think it's a good time to sell.

According to the survey, consumers' personal financial outlook has increased fairly steadily during the year, lending support to the ongoing housing market recovery. In addition, the share of respondents who expect mortgage rates to go up in the next 12 months decreased again to 45 percent. The overall trend seems to be empowering buyers.

However, the share who believe it's a good time to buy and sell a

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If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, there may be a simple way to remedy it. Get inspired! Living an inspired life is more than fluffy talk. Inspiration helps you to infuse your life with meaning, offers hope when you need it the most and may even make you happier. Need more reasons to live an inspired life? Here are five:

1. Have a zest for life. People who are inspired have an extra spring in their step. They relish everything that life throws their way because they see and understand the purpose.

2. Find meaning in each day. When you’re inspired and have a “why” to live for, you know your purpose. Waking up is easier because you have a reason to thrive that day. You’re able to focus on what’s important and have meaning to the activities you do

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Buyers agents love to help people find homes. They love to help them get a good deal. But like anyone else, they prefer to work with people that have reasonable expectations. No one can truly expect an old home to be perfect, and no established professional can be expected to work for free. This is still business and the best deals are made between reasonable people.

Work with your agent so you have the right expectations about your home shopping experience and do your part to buy the best home you can for the price. If you are really not serious about buying a home don’t be the “lookie lou” that every real estate agent hates to deal with. Treat your Realtor like you would want to be treated. When you establish a great relationship with an agent you will be…
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Trying to decide whether to buy a fixer-upper house? Follow these seven steps and you'll know how much you can afford, how much to offer, and whether a fixer-upper house is right for you.

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Riviera Beach land between resorts sells for $10.5M

Property trades for steep discount from 2005, 2008 sale prices

June 02, 2014 12:45PM  The Real Deal South Florida Real Estate News

Riviera Beach Investors plunked down $10.5 million for a beachfront property located between the Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort & Spa and Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront/Palm Beaches.

The Orlando-based company acquired the 2.8-acre parcel at 3730 North Ocean Drive last Tuesday, according to Palm Beach County records. It did not obtain financing for the purchase. The property’s zoning allows for hotel or residential development.

Another Orlando company, Marriott Ownership Resorts, sold the land to Riviera Beach Investors, which got a significant discount

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