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A bad credit score is generally a score of 580 or under. However, you will find it extremely difficult to have someone qualify you at this score level. Even a 600 score is one that a high number of Lenders will consider too risky to approve. A Lender uses your credit reports and your credit scores to make asumptions about your credit risk. The lower your credit score, the more risky they feel it is to lend you money, and the higher interest rates they will charge, if they decide on approving your loan request at all. Having a bad credit score means that lenders will consider you to be a high credit risk.

Increasingly, there are a number of other companies that will use your credit history and score to make determinations about you. Landlords, insurance

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Home stagers have a number of tricks they use to sell a home quickly and for more money. Below are some of the best strategies used by home stagers.

Whether a home is empty or being lived in, some home sellers spend tens of thousands of dollars on home staging when they decide to sell their home. They know that a few pieces of well placed designer furniture or artwork and new paint will change the energy in their home.

Home staging is particularly effective for empty homes because most buyers have a difficult time imagining what an empty home could look like and where furniture could be placed.

Art and Accessories

  1. Use framed art that is not too distracting. Do not use pictures that are taped to the wall, pictures that are figurative, or family
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palm_beach_gardens_parkPalm Beach Gardens has a wide variety of parks that visitors and residents enjoy. The vast majority of parks in Palm Beach Gardens offer facilities and amenities that promote outdoor recreational pursuits.

The City Park has courts for basketball, handball, and tennis. Gardens Park has baseball fields, soccer fields, and play areas. Lake Catherine Park offers softball fields, play areas, running trails, and a boat entry area. Lilac Park has a regulation size baseball facility and a dog run. Mirasol Park consists of 17 acres of pavilions, softball/baseball fields and multi-purpose fields, basketball courts, and a playground.

Oaks Park has tennis courts and a running trail. Plant Drive Park has lighted baseball fields, two roller hockey rinks, basketball

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Florida's hurricane shelters are for people who have no where else to go, who do not live in sound structures, and who are within the evacuation area.

You should take your emergency kit, medications, identification, blankets, and snacks with you. If you have special medical needs, you should go to a special needs shelter only. Animals are not permitted in the shelter unless they are service animals. You will not be allowed to leave until the "all clear" is given.

This information was correct on June 1, 2012. Ensure that shelters are open before you evacuate.

Jupiter Hurricane Shelters


Palm Beach Gardens Hurricane Shelters


West Palm Beach

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Home_selling_tipsGetting your home ready to sell can can seem like a daunting task especially if you have lived in your home for many years. The tips below will help you focus on what is important and will help you see your home in a new light. Your home needs to show well to compete with brand new homes which may also be on the market.

Getting the Outside of Your Home Ready to Sell

  1. Repairs:
    • Ensure that all repairs are done prior to your home being listed.
  2. Curb Appeal:
    • Remove clutter from the front yard
    • Remove weeds, and keep grass cut and shrubs and trees trimmed
    • Clean windows
    • Repair and clean driveway and walkway surfaces
    • Check that lights work
    • Ensure that all gates work well and are oiled
    • Replace old caulking
    • Repaint or clean the
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Wise investors are heading to South Florida's West Palm Beach to purchase rental properties.

According to the latest MarketPulse report, capitalization rates of 12.4 percent in West Palm Beach are the highest in the country. The cap rate for West Palm Beach single-family homes is 3.8 percent higher than the January 2012 national average cap rate of 8.6 percent.

Across the country, rental demand is high and supply is low. If you are a single-family home investor, now is an ideal time to consider purchasing a home in West Palm Beach.

Historically a place of wealth and a holiday destination for royalty and celebrities, West Palm Beach continues to enchant residents and tourists with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate.

Looking for West Palm

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green_florida_communitityFlorida is known for its diverse communities. Golf communities, boating communities, gated communities, retirement communities, and family communities are just some of the more typical Florida communities.

Current research suggests that a growing number of home buyers are considering green communities and/or sustainable communities in their search for a home. Home buyers are asking questions such as: Are environmental concerns or issues addressed in the covenants, codes and restrictions? Are the homes Energy Star® compliant? Have water conservation devices been installed in the homes? Does the community have a long-term environmental plan? Have any native area preservation strategies been employed? What materials have been used to build the home? What

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Today the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development released a report showing that although December, 2011 had a higher number of new homes sales than January 2012, new home sales in January 2012 were still above last year’s average.

In January 2012, twenty-two thousand new homes were sold at prices 0.9 percent less than in December 2011 and 3.5 percent greater than in January 2011. Spikes in housing prices in 2011 can be attributed to the homebuyer tax credit being in effect.

David Crowe, the chief economist of NAHB believes the slow, steady recovery of the housing market coincides with economic and job growth. Builders will likely not be out of work this year, since increased new home sales has resulted in record low

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In areas such as Palm Beach, housing prices, new home permitting, and employment are on the rise. As a result, South Florida is now considered one of the most improved areas in terms of showing economic recovery. Out of 98 markets nationally showing improvement, 7 of those markets were in South Florida.

While this is good news, some economists and real estate analysts are more reserved, saying that improvements to the South Florida housing market will be slow as the economy continues to become more stabilized.

[Palm Beach Post].

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This March, US home prices are expected to reach the bottom of the market.

Recent studies are predicting that both the CoreLogic Index and the Case-Shiller Index will valley in March. However, because the data these indices use is from several months prior, the March prediction actually corresponds to current conditions.

These predictions are based on the price-to-rent ratio as well as the real price of homes, or home prices after being adjusted for inflation. After balllooning in the mid-2000s, both these factors have now returned to normal historical levels. As well, with listing inventory on the decline and with policies created to ease the pressure from distressed sales, the price free-fall will stop.

Although this is good news, according to

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